The Lowdown


Some Quick Facts…

  • I’ve been travelling since I was 18-months old
  • Yes, I really have personally experienced every place I review
  • I’m not a trendsetter or tastemaker, but I like what’s novel and interesting
  • I have a knack for choosing places not (yet) written about to death by every other blogger/magazine/media outlet
  • It’s not unusual for a listing in Conde Nast Traveller or the New York Times Travel ‘hotlist’ to be a place I’ve experienced ages ago
  • Sadly not every experience billed as luxury will deliver on its promise, hence the occasional rant (forgive me)
  • I don’t spend hours and hours perfecting my blog posts, otherwise I wouldn’t get around to publishing anything
  • I have high standards but don’t aim for perfection, which is why you’ll find the occasional typo or misspelling or broken link
  • Most of my photos are usually spur of the moment and taken on my iPhone. No staging or retouching (and a few bum notes too)
  • Sometimes I’ll get caught up in the experience and won’t take any photos at all
  • If I go quiet for a while, blame it on the demands of my day job
  • I’m a tale of extremes – give me a chaotic urban city or a private beach any day
  • I’m never more happier than when planning an upcoming travel itinerary
  • I won’t travel coach if a flight is over 5 hours. I just won’t
  • I love a good wine and am known to be partial to bubbles (I don’t discriminate)
  • My travel companion is almost always the other Mr. Highlife

Please note, my busy schedule does not accommodate group-based FAM trips or press junkets. For commercial partnership queries, or if you’re part of a press relations team with a bespoke project, please use the contact form or email me directly: travelhighlife [at] outlook [dot] com.