About Mr. Highlife

An intrepid traveller since I was a toddler, these days you’ll find me in pursuit of discerning travel experiences, which I capture here on my luxury travel blog – Travel Highlife. I started writing about the ‘highlife’ back in 2008. I enjoy a certain standard of hospitality when I travel, and you’ll find this reflected in where I stay, where I dine and what I choose to feature on this blog.

I share unbiased information based on how I travel and experience luxury hospitality. I pay for all of my own travel and can therefore attest to the editorial integrity of my content. Outside of customary upgrades I get as part of my loyalty program status, I don’t expect or ask for anything by means of this website.

I’m happiest when I’m clutching a passport and look forward to sharing these experiences. Feedback is always welcome, so get in touch.