Jaso is somewhat of an institution among the well-heeled Polanco crowd. The bakery alone has set a new standard for confectionary and throughout our visit, there was never a shortage of people queuing each time we passed by. And while the main attraction here is undoubtedly the main restaurant, the baked goods somehow still managed to steal the show.

In fact, there really aren’t enough superlatives to describe the experience we had at Jaso. A very last minute reservation with the help of the concierge meant we must have nabbed the last table, as the dining room was at full capacity. Our corner booth was a bit tight, but after being served apple martinis just on the right side of tart and boozy, I was in good form. We had the tasting menu, which was modern and inventive, including imaginative local touches incorporated into what can only be described as continental fare. For me the ‘hero’ course of the night belonged to dessert, which was a fluffy soufflé followed by a basket of delicious pistachio flavoured madeleines. I devoured these with gusto, and would have been very happy with another batch for the ride back to the Hotel.

The Verdict
This is everything you would come to expect from what many have ranked as the best dining establishment in Mexico City. From the attentive staff, to the charming maitre d’ this is fine dining on a world class level. Just superb.

Restaurant – 8/10
Experience – 10/10