For months, I’d walk past the construction site of the South Place Hotel on my way to the office, slightly annoyed by the boarded-up pavement, and wondering when this unknown office block would finally be completed. When it eventually opened in its current incarnation, it became the surprise hit of the neighbourhood; a stylish hotel with a cocktail bar to entertain clients or congregate for post-work socialising, in addition to being the home of Angler – a contemporary, Michelin-starred seafood restaurant by executive chef Gary Foulkes.

Initially it took me a while to cotton on to Angler due to my dislike of hotel restaurants, not realising what a welcome addition to the lacklustre restaurant scene this was. I’ve since had the pleasure of dining at Angler in quick succession over multiple lunch/dinners, highly rating each individual experience. Taking the hotel elevators to the 7th floor, doors open up into a small waiting area, eventually leading into the restaurant space – a modern haven of light and reflective surfaces, capturing the light brilliantly on a dull winter’s days. The stylish dining room is smartly turned out, while the attentive staff are always on hand to talk you through the inspired menu focused primarily on seafood. There’s a small bar tucked away by the bathrooms, and the outdoor terrace I’m sure will be a treat once the weather improves.

Among the many dishes I’ve sampled, I highly rate the shellfish ravioli and tuna tartare, while the lobster pie deserves a special mention for being rich and decadent – the perfect main for a cold night. The pannacotta is a mouthful of buttermilk gorgeousness, and of all the choices from the excellent wine list, the delicious Leeuwin Estate Art Series is the kind of wine that will go with anything: crisp, with mineral notes and a long finish.

The Verdict
Grown up dining for seafood lovers everywhere. My only critique is the trigger happy wine pouring (admittedly a personal peeve), but once brought attention to this, the staff are happy to let you serve yourself. Another reason for earning top marks.

Restaurant – 9/10
Experience – 9/10