Even after all these years, I love how London can surprise me with something unexpected like Bob Bob Ricard. When it comes to dining out, we often tend to emphasise our focus on finding new haunts, or trying to nab a table at the latest darling among food critics. As I recently found out, the beauty of living in a world-class city like London means your next culinary delight may manifest itself not from what’s new, but from the reassuringly established.

Why and how it’s taken me this long to dine at Bob Bob Ricard will remain one of life’s great mysteries. This was an exceptional experience from start to end, and I can wax lyrical about the superbly elegant staff, atmospheric art deco gem of a dining room, the diverse and plentiful menu, and of course that most indulgent of indulgences – the champagne call button.

But I won’t. You’ll simply just have to experience it for yourself.

The Verdict
Terrific value, and I can’t wait to do the experience all over again.

Restaurant – 10/10
Experience – 9/10